A visual identity is only half of the picture. A unique verbal identity and voice is equally as crucial to a fully developed and fleshed out brand. Your audience’s loyalty is greatly improved by the voice you use in your messaging.


Verbal identity & Guidelines

A lot of what we feel about a brand has to do with tone, and voice. Without these subtleties defined your brand could feel flat, or unfinished. We’ll work together to define a voice and tone for your brand, and we’ll set out some custom guidelines for communications for you. This will be a technical composition rules that anyone writing on behalf of your company can use so it sounds like it’s one personality.




Messaging closely aligns with what your company does. It’s who you are, and why what you do matters. We create a unified story for your brand journey, one that minimizes confusion and maximizes clarity. We’ll use the brand voice and tone for important marketing messages. Your elevator pitch, value proposition, key features, and benefits will all sound like they’re coming from the same place. The result? A bank of ready made statements that will serve as the building blocks for your marketing and web content strategy.



The pen is mightier than the sword, in that it can bring people together to connect with your brand’s story. We’ll dive deep to tap into what makes your company tick, applying the right prose that resonates with your audience’s values. Each communications channel and medium evolves over time, and we’ll plan ahead to guide conversations well into the future.


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