The Challenge

Hold On Hang In was a sermon series on Hebrews, imploring people to hold on not give up, and ignore the things that are trying to pull you away from what you believe. The target? Millenials, the generation leaving the church in droves.


Rather than stick with the typical nautical theme, we borrowed elements from it. The colours, flags, type and morse code all harken to design elements used in nautical communication.

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For type we wanted something that had the feeling of Futura but it needed to be perfectly geometric. The horizontals had to be the same thickness so that we could stretch it and it would still look great.

We made Geotura, a variable width typeface.


Hold on Hang in-06.jpg

Life is full of distractions, but Hold On Hang In

Hold On pin.jpg

We wanted to make a series that not only taught, but encouraged. A mantra that people could use to bolster those around them. Hold On, Hang In.

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