We're pretty people-focused at Tooth & Timber Co. We hope you've noticed that. We work with people, and design for people. Our standards have a lot to do with that.


Do good work for Great people.

This is our golden standard. We work with amazing people, we do that best work we can for them. Our work and all our design decisions are people focused, we work with people and the work we do is for people. We believe that our best work, the work that you feel really good about at the end of the day, is because of the people that we’re creating it for. 


Be real

Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty (it’s important to have all 3). That’s how we interact with each other, and our clients. We’re the most productive when we’re real with each other.


Relationships over profits

We don’t measure success in dollars and cents, but instead in positive experiences. We strive to surround ourselves with smart, passionate clients and team members, who will not only grow each others businesses but hearts and minds.


Keep learning

We’re hungry to learn. We have to seek out education opportunities to grow as professionals. We encourage each other to learn, pursue passions, listen to each other, attend conferences, visit libraries, read more, experiment. And ask lots of questions.


Quality over quantity

Creativity and mental energy are finite resource. We concentrate our time and skills on fewer clients and projects so that we can continue to do the best we can on everything we take on.


Ask better questions

We believe that asking “why” is a better question than “what” or “how much.” Knowing why we’re doing something, and for what goal can push the envelope into developing better concepts and more solid strategies. Why will put the idea under a microscope, and only the best ideas can cut it


Work isn’t life

Work is only one part of our lives, and we mean to keep it that way. We have families, friends, and hobbies. We work hard, but there’s a time when work is done, and it’s time to play or rest. We cultivate our passions, interests and strengths in the work we take on, because work is easier if you're having fun.


Be excellent to each other

In the immortal words of Bill and Ted; “Be excellent to each other, party on dudes”