The Challenge

Riff and Rabble is a twitch channel that primarily streams Dungeons & Dragons games, with a mostly-silly-sometimes-serious tone. Playing through the premade campaign of Storm King's Thunder, the group was made up of 3 seasoned D&D players, and 2 relatively new players hailing from different parts of the United States and Canada. 

We placed focus on the adventuring party as well as the setting of the campaign for this one. With the colour pallet we aimed to capture the light-hearted silliness, the seriousness, and an air of  mystery.

Twitch Stream Start-03.jpg

We created something that was more than just a twitch channel overlay, we created a brand that would grow as the channel did, and change over time as one campaign finished and another began.


We set out to create a branded experience. Riff and Rabble would have customized character tokens based on the character's class and fighting style.

The artwork would create a sense of something bigger than the party going on, without giving too much away.

The colour pallet needed to be exciting, but flexible enough to convey multiple themes and tones in the future.

Riffrabble over shoulder.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.18.04 AM.png

The player icons needed to be unique, but fit together as a cohesive unit.


Apparel was a major consideration through the project. Fans love to represent the things they love. 

RiffandRabble Hoodie.jpg
Dungeon Master Hoodie.jpg
Bravo tshirt.jpg
Braddock tshirt.jpg
North Tshirt.jpg
Carrion Tshirt.jpg