The Challenge

Stonesmith is an Ontario craft brewery that brews with care and curiosity. They put a lot of love and craft into each brew. Not ones to be satisfied with mediocrity we needed to create a brand that not only showed off their curious spirit, but also set them apart from other breweries.


Breweries need to have a flexible identity system for multiple use cases, from bottles to coasters to openers, their identity needs to fit anywhere and everywhere.

Stone Smith glass.jpg

Recently beer can design has been astounding, but bottles have been left by the wayside. Bottles offer a superior package for beer, they need to represent the brand well. We designed Stonesmith's bottles to be a cut above the competition.

Iron ore and Quartz.jpg
Limestone and Sandstone.jpg
Marble and Granite.jpg

Bottles so good you'd wear 'em.

Stonesmith sweater front.jpg
Stonesmith sweater back.jpg
Stonesmith sweater tag.jpg
Stonesmith opener.jpg
Stonesmith coaster.jpg
Stonesmith tshirt.jpg