We don’t just make logos, we partner with you to establish a holistic brand experience. Trendy colours aren’t the goal, we’ll work with you to create a branding system that will generate real business results.


Brand strategy

We take a strategic approach that will narrow down and defining your brand’s rationale and definition. This ensures that the following design process is specific to your needs and those of your customers and users. We’ll also be able to make recommendations on specific branding assets for the production phase.


Visual identity

These are the building blocks of design that we’ll use to create your brand. Putting your identity together includes your logotype, mark, typography, and colour palettes.


Secondary Branding assets

Once we’ve nailed down what your visual identity will be, we’ll extend that system to a complete visual experience. Your brand might need additional assets, like photography, illustrations, motion design, videography, and more.


Verbal identity


A lot of what we feel about a brand has to do with tone, and voice. Without these subtleties defined, your brand could feel flat, or unfinished. We’ll work together to define a voice and tone for your brand, and we’ll set out some custom guidelines for communications for you. This will be a technical composition rules that anyone writing on behalf of your company can use so it sounds like it’s one personality.


Brand guidelines

This is a technical guide that we’ll put together so your brand can stay consistent over time. It’ll include specifications about sizing, distortion, whitespace, and how to use brand elements. This will be a go-to resource for designers and marketers on your team to ensure that your brand doesn’t lose potency.


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